Independence exists on a largely barren desert, populated by a single walled city in the largest oasis.

The planet consisted of a single, barely populated outpost until the events of the Scream. Above the planet, a battle raged, between the Imperial Shogunate and the sectors under the control of the Sforza Corporation. As the Scream hit, the combatants found themselves stranded, defenseless, or worse. Those who survived the bloody conflict made their peace and settled on the world beneath them.

The Outpost, whose original purpose remains unknown, was largely obliterated by the battle. The location is now in the middle of a wasteland of nuclear fallout, crashed ships, and what remains of the brutal weapons of the era. Considered unpassable and desolate by most inhabitants of the planet, the era is avoided, and is usually referred to as the Wastes or the Graveyard.

The former combatants banded together, and settled one large city, calling it Independence, free from the influence of their former systems. First built using the remains of their former ships, then using the natural materials around them. Around the city they built a heavy city wall, to protect themselves from the predators of the world, both natural and man made. Only a few farmers and animal herders live outside the wall.

The City is governed by a twelve member parliament called the Council of Deputies. Lawmen in the city are divided into two groups: the Marshals, who handle the city at large, and Rangers, who handle the wall and the world outside.

While not totally lawless, the city has a reputation for disorder. Free from the governance of the Shogunate or the Five Families, the city serves as an unofficial neutral ground. As such, it is also home to many companies and individuals who seek to escape the grasp of either.

Today, the planet has a population of approximately 4 million. Automated farms grow most of the necessary food, primarily corn, citrus, and nuts. Though some cattle herding takes place on the planet, as well as some imported, a large percentage of the meat is vat-grown. Naturally grown meat is more expensive.

The city has an active nightlife, including many bars and clubs. The planet is also home to many illicit deals, black market trading, and fugitives not welcome on other worlds. Both the Shogunate and Cosa Nostra maintain an embassy on the planet.


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